The Asset is by far the best episode of the show so far. The episode centers around Dr. Franklin Hall who in the comic books becomes the super villain Graviton. (Minor Spoilage Lies Ahead)



But this is the origin story for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they did a bang up job. This episode is so “secret agenty” and that is greatly appreciated. I think that AOS excels when it does a good job incorporating all of that into 40 mins! The “Q” like duo of Fitz-Simmons who seem to come up with something new and techy-cool every week, totally sell the secret agent thing. The bad guy in the episode is Quinn, who appears to be a philanthropist but really is a Bond villain at heart. The episode starts with an epic sequence of trucks mysteriously being launched into the sky, which you soon realize are S.H.I.E.L.D. SUVs and a Semi-Truck disguised transport.  A bunch of men in ski masks go in and open a door on the wrecked semi and we meet Dr. Franklin Hall, who is the cargo! Quinn and Hall have been friends for a very long time but have grown apart. Mostly because Quinn in a megalomaniac and is hell-bent on controlling the powers of a new element that he and Hall have been trying to create for years, Grativonium. Quinn kidnaps Hall to give him the opportunity to finish his life’s work. This show has such a big action feel to it this week, something you would normally only see on the big screen. An aspect that I respect and love.

Agents of Shield The Asset 07

In episode 2, 0-8-4, Skyes motives and loyalties are questioned by the audience when it is revealed that she is still in contact with The Rising Tide and that she may be a double agent. This week she proves that she wants to be part of the team and that she may be “The Asset” in which the title of the episode references. Interestingly enough I find that both Dr. Hall and Skye fill the titles shoes this week.  Skye gets herself an invite to Quinn’s private party and she waltzes around inside his island compound as the “inside man”, wearing a skimpy dress that show off all of her “ASSETS” (this may be a third reference!) Skye proves her worth to the team by infiltrating the compound and also using tact to throw the villain off so she could get in and complete her mission. So is she playing both sides of the coin? It’s still a mystery. Maybe she is just holding on to her Rising Tide contacts like you do in cards, play them when you need them. Why wouldn’t she, the Rising Tide is also an ASSET to her.

Agents of Shield The Asset 06

So does Dr Franklin Hall become Graviton? I will leave that up to you to watch the episode and find out!  Hall’s character is handled very well and Ian Hart does an awesome job of selling the selfless hero that Hall tries to be. The effects of the gravity changing was a really cool scene and quite original, it’s pretty entertaining to watch Hall just walk from wall to ceiling to wall. Stick around for the “after credits’ scene, they are going to have to come up with a better name for that. Another good “bad guy of the week” formatted episode, but I’m really wondering when AOS will introduce the big arc of the season, because I hope it isn’t The Rising Tide, unless of course they were Hydra. I’m sure they are holding off on that until the show crosses over with Captain America: The Winter Soldier!


S1E4 “Eye-Spy” Promo

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