Another strong episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and another hint at what Agent Coulson is, dropped. “Eye-Spy” takes place over in Belarus where there have been a string of robberies. The opening scene of the episode shows off a bunch of people dressed in the same suit with the same red mask. But the most suspicious thing about this group is that they all have briefcases handcuffed to their wrists. Shown next is a young black woman who seems to be trailing them. Once on the subway, she makes her move. The lights go out, people scream and when the lights come back on all of the men are dead and one of them has his hand cut off and the briefcase is gone. Cut to the team on “The Bus”, they are already on their way to investigate the scene and Coulson is keeping this on the hush-hush, something May doesn’t seem to comfortable with. The target this time is Coulson’s protegé who disappeared years ago during a mission. I really like the dynamic between Coulson and May in this episode. I believe that May has done some bad things in her past and that is why she has stepped back from combat. She is eager to prove herself, especially after last weeks episode where she told Coulson she was ready for duty. Against Coulson’s orders, which May couldn’t trust because he wasn’t following protocol, she goes after Amador on her own with an intent to kill. Coulson steps in just before the conflict and they take Amador in.


We find out that she is being controlled but doesn’t know by who. Whoever it is has implanted a fake eyeball that has a camera in it and a failsafe that will kill her if she doesn’t comply. To trick the controller, Fitz-Simmons creates some glasses that will act as the camera, and Skye has hacked the signal so the glasses will transmit it. That’s where Agent Ward comes in, someone has to go in and do the assigned task so the team can track where the signal is being broadcast from. Ward gets to final room which contains two guys on typewriters and a wall full of some kind of strange writing or equations, maybe alien. So who was sending the message? Well it ends up that it was a MI-6 agent who had disappeared years before, and right when Coulson flashes his badge the failsafe in his eye goes off and the guy dies. So in the end there’s still the question of who is the real controller.

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The craziest part of the whole episode is when May and Amador are on the Bus at the end of the episode after Coulson walked away. Amador asks May what had happened to Coulson, May tells her what happens in New York. Amador says “No, What did they do to him?”! What does that mean, Amador’s eye allowed for her to see through things, what did she see? What is Coulson? I have the feeling that we may find out sooner than later. I also really like how this episode is about second chances and that Coulson, whatever he may be, stood by his ex-teammate. So what kinda being is Coulson, if he’s not Coulson and yet he has obviously changed according to everyone. Everytime I ask myself is a life decoy or the Vision, both would make sense with his new-found “human” side.

S1E5 “Girl in the Flower Dress”

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