Another solid episode from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as our secret agent scooby gang is chasing after another super powered human. This time around we meet Chan who has minor pyro powers. He is tricked and captured by a woman dressed in a flower dress, hence the title. Who is this mysterious woman, she introduces herself to Chan as Reina, and we soon find out she is in cahoots with the red-haired Doctor we were introduced to in the Pilot episode. What do they want with Chan? A way to deal with their exploding Extremis problem. So two things happen with Chan, who surprisingly is not the center of the episode. One, we establish him as a super villain, Reina gives him the name Scorch, which becomes the center of a few jokes throughout the show. Even when Coulson and team try to help Chan he tries to kill them as well as the Centipede crew. Two, Coulson and May assassinate him, something that I was both surprised by and taken back by.

Agents of Shield girl in the flower dress 02

But why not, they obviously gave him a shot at standing down, he didn’t so it was the only choice. He did also kill a SHIELD agent and the red-haired Dr, so it was time. Chan’s struggle with power is a side of the show I like to see because it definitely explores the dark side of the human element. It would be too easy to introduce new heroes every week. I really liked Reina’s speech to him about making a name for himself. “Have you ever heard of Steve Rogers”, she says, “but Captain America….” it was a really intelligent way to use a character reference. If you are interested in learning about who Scorch is in the comics head here! So what or who is Centipede? Do they work for someone else? I have a theory that they are an A.I.M. sect and that eventually we may see M.O.D.O.K.. I think that the TV world would be the best opportunity to introduce the character, and it would add a really weird aspect to this show. I mean who were those guys in the suits with Reina when she captured Chan?

Agents of Shield girl in the flower dress 01

But who are we kidding here, AOS is about Skye and her journey to be accepted by the team. While some do not like this as one of the over-arching storylines, I do. Skye is the classic Whedon female role, though she is definitely a different character than we’ve seen in previous works, Skye is the perfect fit in this show and I love it. From the opening scene of Ward and her playing Battleship, and Skye winning, to the finale when she saves the team. We also learn how loyal she really is to her friends as she tips off an old hacker flame of hers Miles, when S.H.I.E.L.D. is on his tail. They hook up, they get caught and Skye’s loyalties are questioned. Miles of course ends up not being as noble as Skye had believed so she learns her lesson the hard way.


In the end Skye, with the help of Miles as well, and the team save the day. So what of Skye’s fate? Coulson seemed pretty set on kicking Skye of the Bus for a second, but then Skye decided to open up to him and revealed that her mission is to find her parents, and she believes SHIELD is her only chance at doing so. So there we go, one major questioned answered, now on to what Coulson is. Highlights of the episode: May kicking major ass, established who the big bad for now is, showed that this show isn’t always about saving people, and the after credits scene. Who is the guy in prison that Reina visits? I’m looking forward to finding out.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return in two weeks!

S1E6 “FZZT” With the return of a familiar SHIELD Agent!

Stay tooned 😛