Alright… while I still classify this episode as “good”, it was probably my least favorite of the season so far and I have some beef with how the antagonist of the show was treated. You see, for all the complaints about there not being enough references to the Marvel Universe and introducing characters and when the show has the perfect opportunity to introduce one, they don’t. Instead we get a show that is centered around belief and religion, something that doesn’t bother me too much because it is handled well. In Repairs the antagonist ends up being someone who can “ghost” himself in and out of different universes or something, which is believed to be Hell but never explained which I’m sure they did on purpose. Back to my point, there’s a character in the Marvel Universe, a villain called Ghost, and I was pretty sure at the beginning of the episode that this would be the case but it never happened, and this is my biggest problem with the episode.

Marvel Ghost

It seems to be the pattern that AOS is trying to create its own world and exist just outside the “super-powered” world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but when you have the opportunity to cause a “geekgasm”, take it! In a world where we have God-like beings like Thor and are exploring other dimensions it was interesting to explore the fact that people still have a belief in God and their faith, and the tests they face that challenge that. I think on that basis the episode was handled very well. The team encounters a young woman named Hannah who is “haunted” by these destructive occurences in her town that she is being blamed for, and due to the “small-town” mentality the people are blaming her and are only seconds away from the classic torch and pitchfork act! Luckily the team is able to sedate her and get her onto The Bus before anything worse happens. There is no explanation to what is happening and everyone starts to think that Hannah may have telekinetic powers, something that isn’t very prevalent in this universe as of yet. To cut things short it ends up that the original accident that everyone holds her responsible for, was actually caused by one of the workers named Tobias who had a crush on her and decided that if he caused a little damage she would have to come down to his department more, eventually causing the explosion that killed 4 townspeople. The explosion actually gives Tobias these abilities which are not really explained in the episode, and as I stated before could/should have been handled in a better way. Whatever the case may be on these dimensions and challenges of faith, the more the show diverts onto this path the farther they are getting from the comic book world and only enraging viewers more. Still, AOS is a really good show at its core.


What AOS does well is developing its main characters. We learn a little more about May in this one and get a little insight into why she has become so cold. The relationship between her and Ward is a little more involved than I thought and it seems that they have been knocking boots more often than not. Again another strong week for FitzSimmons, as they decided it would be fun to “initiate” Skye since she never went through the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy, this is apparently a norm for all students at the school. Their attempts at pranking Skye are funny and their comical banter is entertaining as usual. The end credit scene is in regards to the pranks so don’t miss that if you haven’t watched the show as of yet. Well in two weeks it looks like viewers who have a problem with there not being a “super” on the team will get their wish as Mike Peterson (remember that guy) returns to help the team battle Centipede!


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E10 “The Bridge

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