I was really excited to see how this weeks episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would tie into the latest Marvel movie, Thor: The Dark World. If you have not had the chance to see the film get to a theater already! I am thinking of going again! The hype for this week’s episode “The Well” promised that it would deal with the fallout of the events in the movie and yes the team was there in the UK cleaning up the mess, after a really cool opening sequence about gods and Asgard. But that was about it for reference to the actual film, the episode actually takes a larger step and creates some new Marvel Cinematic Universe mythology!


The Well centers around an Asgardian staff that is found in a tree in Norway, well rather cut out by a cult, seemingly led by Jakob and Petra (two unknowns), that is looking for God-like power to take on the Gods (superheroes) that they feel are taking over the world. The staff’s effect on humans is that it gives them super strength but also unlocks a part of them that is fuel entirely by rage. Looking for some more information on the staff, Coulson takes the team to Spain to speak with Professor Elliot Randolph, played by Peter MacNichol (Ghostbusters 2), who Coulson said he refered to when Thor’s Hammer arrived on Earth. The Professor tells them a story about some Asgardians who came to Earth centuries ago and one stayed behind and his weapon remained as well, but in three pieces. After leaving and doing some research the team finds out that one of the parts is actually right in Seville, conveniently. Ward and Skye go into some catacombs, Indiana Jones style, and guess who’s there? The Professor with the piece of the staff, Ward makes a grab for the piece but upon touching it starts to have flashbacks of a boy in a well, it throws him off completely and the Professor gets away. Outside the Professor is ambushed by the cult and they take the piece, and the Professor is taken in by the team.

Agents of shield the well 02


Aboard The Bus, we start to see the effects that the staff is having on Ward as he is unable to control his rage, and says some pretty mean stuff to his teammates. Everyone writes this off as the effect’s of his contact, mostly, and Ward ends up going to Coulson and offering to be taken off the mission. Coulson sees that Ward is in control because he understands what is happening to him and instead sends Ward into question the Professor, whom Coulson had little luck getting any answers out of. Ward like a raging mad man takes a knife to the Professor only to be stopped and the knife crushed in the Professor’s hand, why? Because he is the Asgardian Svip! What a great plot twist here, yes they throw Thor’s name around a lot in the episode, but to actually add another Asgardian character to the stable is a nice touch. So now the team is on the path of the third piece, which is located in Ireland. To make things short, the final battle happens at a church that Svip had hidden the piece at and the cult shows up and Ward battles all of them, wielding two pieces. When Petra shows up and sees that her cult has been defeated she attacks and May takes her on with all three pieces combined! In the end the team wins and the staff is put into hiding just like every other artifact we have come across this season.

Agents of shield the well 03

What did we learn this week? Well we get to explore a piece of Ward’s past that he has forgotten about and through May’s counseling , and some hard liquor, he learns that you can’t always hide from your past, it is something you have to carry everyday. We learn that May has some skeletons in her closet as well, and that her and Ward seem to have some sort of sexual relationship. Perhaps its only physical, as I have heard that soldiers are actually encouraged to have these kind of relationships. Coulson’s mystery is explored a little further, in the “after-credits” scene, we actually get to see him in Tahiti getting a massage, with a line that is straight out of Dollhouse “Did I fall asleep”, which is nice nod to Whedon fans. Right when the therapist says “it’s a magical place” Coulson wakes up like he was having a nightmare! Perhaps we are starting to see some sort of subliminal messaging or brainwashing that has taken place?  So far this is my favorite episode of the season and should be a model on which crossover episodes are based on.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E9 “Repairs

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesday at 8pmEST on ABC!

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