Coulson and May are undercover trying to recover a “miracle” painting that survived a burning church. What’s so special about this painting? It has the alien writing on the back of it! So it’s time for a “heist” themed episode!


The Good

-Decent balance of humor. Watching May have a good time and laugh was one of the most entertaining moments. Especially watching the team react to it. I am warming up to Lance Hunter, I think he’s a good addition to the team. Plays off of Skye well.

-Great use of tech. From hacking the doors, to hacking the bus. The amount of cool spy gear being used in this show is pretty awesome. Especially in this episode as the “face-changing” device from Cap 2 returns!

-Great twist with HYDRA and Talbot. Didn’t see that one coming

-Fitz is getting better, I love those heartfelt moments. He comes through and helps the team save the Bus when HYDRA hacks it, sending it to its doom! Has a beer with the guys, finally becoming a part of the team again.

-May vs Fake May fight was badass and LONG! Thank you to director Kevin Tancharoen (Mortal Kombat: Legacy) for his hand in this one!

-We find out that Coulson’s condition is worsening and that he is worried that he will one day become Garrett. So he asks May to kill him before that can happen. She refuses, has another plan. He orders her to kill him if it happens. We’ll see where this one leads.

-The writing on the back of the painting is confirmed to be recent. We find out there is another person that does the alien scribble-scratch like Coulson, the hunt is on for this new player!


The Bad

-Not much! As campy as this show can be at times, the pacing was really good and the fight scenes amazing!


After Credits Scene

Raina is confronted by Whitehall and his goons. They place a device on her that will give her an agonizing death! Whitehall tells her she has 24 hours to return the Obelisk to him. We’ll see what if S.H.I.E.L.D. can help her next week!


Next Week: “A Hen in the Wolf House”