Another big character from the Marvel Universe is introduced this week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird, who in the comics is a superhero starts off as being a HYDRA agent but then we realize it’s all a ruse. Remember Coulson saying a few episodes back, when we learned of Simmons undercover gig, that there was another. Bobbi makes her debut by kicking butt and taking names in this action packed episode that goes down as one of the most tense episodes yet!

The Good

Bobbi Morse– We get more screen time with Skye’s father and learn the truth behind his rage “power”. We also learn that he knows who Whitehall is. Raina has a VERY healthy fear of both men, but seems to be more afraid of Skye’s father. This makes me wonder who this guy really is. Skye’s father is some sort of black market doctor/surgeon?

-Skye isn’t Skye’s name?! Say what?! There’s even a point in the show where they state she may be an alien….

-We learn that HYDRA wants to use the Obelysk’s powers to create an extinction level event

-Morse please! Bobbi is a great addition to the team and now that we know that she is Lance Hunter’s ex-wife that he talks about all the time, things should get interesting and funny. Also don’t forget that in the comics Hawkeye and her have a relationship so who knows where this could go. Not that I see Jeremy Renner showing up on the small screen.

-Raina gets played by Coulson. Coulson does not do well with threats. Even when Raina tells him that she will reveal Simmons to HYDRA, he lets it happen. Coulson ALWAYS has a plan.

-Rising Tide is brought up again. At least they didn’t let that one just fizzle out. Loose ends never make sense.

-FitzSimmons reunion. Nuff Said.

-The tension between Skye and Coulson gets pretty good tonight. I understand that he’s trying to protect her, but at the same time they injected her with the GH so she could be very well on the same road as him soon. By the end of the episode things are all good between the two and Skye asks Coulson to tell her the truth from now on. He shows her the writing and how bad it’s become. She reveals that she knows what it is… a map.

AOS Hen Wolf House 01

The Bad

-This one does a pretty bang up job from start to finish. This season is jumping around a lot less than the first, and sticking to a good path. This is something that shows with 20 something episodes have a hard time doing due to filler episodes, and why shorter season shows tend to make viewers happier. So far so good, keep it up!

-I still don’t understand how HYDRA is a functioning entity, a corporation. People go to it like it’s a normal job, they have HYDRA symbols up all over the place. If the Army is hunting them down, seems like going right to their “headquarters” would be a good start.

At least we are going to get this beautiful badass! AND YES SHE IS BLONDE!

Mockingbird official Adrianne Palicki

Via: Marvel

After Credits Scene

Skye’s father (maybe we can have a name for this guys soon please) goes to HYDRA and brings the Obelisk to Whitehall. He calls it the “Deviner” and offers to teach them how to survive its powers. He also tells them that they have a common enemy, Coulson, and that he wants their help to kill him. Hail HYDRA!


Next week we get our first Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer!! Now that’s a way to drive ratings!

Avengers Age of Ultron poster

Also here is the promo for the next episode: “A Fractured House