Alright listen, I’m sorry I didn’t recap last week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but it really wasn’t that good. For a show that suffers from the roller coaster effect, this week’s episode proves this to be fact. One of my favorite aspects of this season is “bad” Ward. His turn was one of the best things that could have happened to the character and tonight we start to find out that he may truly be a villain. During the time that he was kept in Coulson’s basement, you started to maybe think that he was just used and maybe wasn’t that bad of a guy. Or maybe he’s just bats&^# crazy, which by the end of the episode seems to be the case. Let’s take a look at the highlights from this week’s episode!

AOS The Things we Bury 01The Good

-Ward is a crazy bastard! What more can I say? He hunts down his brother, makes him undig the well from their childhood and admit that he was the one that killed their younger brother. Though I am VERY sure that Christian only said that to appease Ward, it didn’t matter. Ward ends up killing his whole family by the end of the episode and using Christian’s confession to pin it on him as a murder-suicide. Though I thought that maybe Christian would play a bigger role, it is nice to keep pace with the whole “Ward is a psycho” story line.

-Skye’s father, though he’ll remind you “that’s not her name!”, plays a major part in this week’s episode and we learn that he has a major connection to Whitehall.

-I think Fitz is getting better, I think.. Coulson makes him do some exercises so that he is useful in the field. Will he ever be?

-This episode felt BIG. It felt almost cinematic. The “secret origin” of Daniel Whitehall was great, it was interesting to learn how he attained his “immortality”. This is the great thing about this season, things actually make sense and are tying in nicely to the overall plot. Peggy Carter makes another appearance, priming the audience for her series, but also taking things up a notch again.

-During Whitehall’s flashbacks we learn that there are certain people that can hold the obelisk and that they are “special”. We meet a young lady, who ends up being one of the first people that Whitehall comes across that can hold the object. She was one of the test subjects that HYDRA experimented on during the war and she has been found again years later and she hasn’t aged a day. Whitehall immediately begins experimentations on her and gains his powers. Who are these “special” humans?

-The obelisk is actually called “The Diviner” and it was brought to Earth by the blue alien people to end the planet and save only the few who could take its power. With the announcement that the blue aliens are in fact Kree, things are leaning more and more towards me thinking that this has a lot to do with the Inhumans. It would make sense for Marvel to start planting seeds for one of their lesser known properties that is now headed for the big screen.

-What is the city? We are getting closer and closer to understanding what is going on! Or are we? So the writing is a map, where will this map lead our team and how will it tie into the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Are we looking at the discovery of Attilian or maybe Wakanda? Skye’s father tells Coulson this week that there is something of “immense power” hidden inside the city With next week’s episode being the last one we see until March, I am sure that we are looking at a major cliffhanger coming our way!

The Bad

-Umm actually this week I got nothin’! The pacing is great and this episode is really gritty, I loved it!

TIM DEKAY, BRETT DALTONThe After Credits Scene

Ward goes to Whitehall and joins him. He tells Skye’s father that he “intimately” knows the entire team and that he can be a great asset to them. We also learn that the woman who Whitehall butchered for her powers was Skye’s mother!


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