So I thought that it would make more sense to put the these two recaps together into one article. This entire season has been building towards these scenarios and some amazing revelations centering around the Inhumans and Kree. I wasn’t “blown away” as some said we would be by this episode, but at the same time I am really happy that they have decided to take this route.


-SHIELD saves Raina from HYDRA, this is a rather humorous scene involving the Koenig brothers. Great use of the “twins”. Patton Oswalt rules.

-Skye vs Fo-May fight was awesomely choreographed. Fo-May creeps me out with her robotic voice, but it is cool to see Ming-Na play two different roles.

-I really like the addition of Bobbi to the cast. But she has a secret. Coulson schools Bobbi on why he does what he does. Protecting the people of the Earth.

-FitzSimmons break the ice. It seems that this is all that Fitz needed and now Jemma can complete his sentences.

-May hits HYDRA agents with a van. This is badass!

-The Kree become a steady and it looks like AOS will be building the mythos on TV! I wonder how much of this will tie into what is happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the road to the Inhumans movie?

-Mack gets possessed and gets super strength, with which he uses to beat up his teammates. He then becomes a sentry after Couslon seals him in the tunnels. He snaps out of it by the end of the episodes, why is he the one who lives and not Tripp?

-Ward takes Raina and Skye. Raina proves that you cant trust her when it comes to her own agendas. But after touching the obelisk, what will she become?

-Tripp is dead. Sucks that it had to be him, but it looks like SHIELD just cut its team down by two, that’s if Mack actually survives the ordeal. But Tripp?! Seriously…

-Terrigen Mists?! Is that what transforms Skye and Raina?! I think so! I wonder how long it will be before we are dealing with a Terrigen Bomb?! Who is Raina now, with her spikes?

-Whitehall is dead? I don’t think so… Will he become Kraken? What will be the fallout from Coulson killing him and not Skye’s father?!

-Skye is now confirmed as Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, a major character from Marvel’s Secret Warriors run, a comic which I HEAVILY suggested that season 2 borrow elements from. She has the ability to emit seismic energy, can’t wait to see how that is put to use in the second part of the season. We also have another confirmation, her father is the supervillain Mister Hyde.

-There is a lot of speculation that with Whitehall dead we may see a new HYDRA villain take center stage. With AOS confirmed to be tying into Age of Ultron, will we see the appearance of Baron Von Strucker on the show? I hope so…

Agents of SHIELD 03The Bad (Kinda)

Listen, this episode did not “blow my mind”. Here’s my first problem, no one knows who Daisy Johnson is, at least 85% of the viewers out there will be left sitting there asking questions. Which isn’t a terrible thing, but at the same time it’s not like they revealed her to be Carol Danvers or anything along those lines. This whole reveal will make people Google the heck out of what happened, which isn’t a bad thing either (peops gotta learn something). So really I only put this part in “The Bad” section because of the obscurity of making Skye be Quake. So way to go Marvel!Quake

The After Credits Scene

The Eyeless Man, who is he? He has his own obelisk!! Early speculation say that he’s the Inhuman known as Reader, you can read his bio here. Looks like AOS is really moving forward with introducing us to our first Inhumans, and this is amazing!

Bring on Agent Carter!