Ah but here’s the catch! You will only be able to interact with them via an exclusive PRE-ORDER DLC! Which of course will be available to purchase a month after the game comes out, so don’t get too disappointed. Are you ready to play as Ripley, Dallas, and Parker! Are you ready to lay the smack down on that Alien that scared the hell out of you when you were a kid?! Well here’s your chance!! Time to board the Nostromo!

Here’s the official word from SEGA:


Anyone who pre-orders the game will get a free upgrade to the Nostromo Edition, which includes the bonus content “Crew Expendable”. Players can choose to play as one of three surviving crewmembers, only moments after Brett’s death at the jaws of the creature. As Ellen Ripley, Dallas or Parker, players can explore the Nostromo from habitation deck down through engineering, coordinating their efforts with Lambert and Ash to lure the Alien into the ship’s airlock.

In addition, consumers who pre-order at GameStop will exclusively also receive “Last Survivor” in which players pick up the story as Ripley tries to escape on the Narcissus. On hearing the screams of Lambert and Parker, players must navigate their way back down through the Nostromo in order to activate the self-destruct sequence, before retracing their steps back to the Narcissus shuttle and their escape.


IGN got their hands on the exclusive trailer for the DLC, check it out!

Look for Alien: Isolation if you want a good scare on October 7th!