Will Alien Isolation be the Alien game that makes everyone forget about the heinous Aliens: Colonial Marines? I am hoping so. I have been looking forward to reviews of this game. I won’t probably play it until I pick up a PS4, but I am excited to hear about what players think about it nonetheless.

Today we have a new video that details the “Survivor” mode in the game, which not only puts you up against the scary alien, but also pits your struggle against the clock!

The first map “Basement” will be included with the game if you pick it up day one, with others sure to follow. As part of the DLC packages, SEGA and Creative Assembly are of course offering a Season Pass, which will get you a 25% discount on the other 5 map packs (each with three maps and new objectives and enemy types) that will be released on October 28th. There is hints that more add-ons will be available in the future. No price has been announced as of yet for the Season Pass.
Alien IsolationAre you ready to face the ultimate monster, ALONE?!