Alien Isolation Video game 01So most of us can agree that Aliens Colonial Marines was a bit of a failure. While it delivered some fun moments, it was not well received across the Geeklysphere. It was announced recently that SEGA was entertaining the idea their next attempt at a video game based on the franchise would feature Ripley’s daughter as the protagonist and now OXM has revealed some unconfirmed artwork from the project, just enough to get the fans excited. In what is promised to be more of a survival horror game than straight up action game, SEGA may be exploring the right territory with this one. Also bringing in a character that is from the mythos but never explored is a great touch! What do you think Towelites will you give this new game a chance? I am hoping for a game that is more like the original Resident Evils and gives us something better than “blind aliens” that you have to sneak by.

Alien Isolation Video game 02


Stay tooned 😛


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