I am more, MORE than pumped for Aliens Colonial Marines to be released! From every first impression I’ve read this is the TRUE sequel to the Aliens movie. Not to mention it is being made by one of the best game companies out there, GEARBOX!  Taking place after the incident on Lv-426, the Marines have returned to the planet to address the issue of the Xeno infestation, but this won’t be a walk in the park! With many environments, characters, and weapons taken straight out of the movies and some awesome game modes including one where you play as the Alien and hunt down the marines! Colonial Marines is shaping up to be my most anticipated game of 2013 so far! Check out the latest trailer which delves into the story line.


Aliens Colonial Marines hits stores on February 12th, 2013! I already have my collector’s edition ordered!!


Stay tooned 😛

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