The on again, off again adaptation of Stephen King’s western/fantasy, “The Dark Tower”, is apparently….wait for it…..on again!  Warner Bros, Ron Howard, and company have set their eyes on recruiting Russel Crowe(Man of Steel). Once an early candidate for the role of fabled Gunslinger Roland Deschain, a role that at one point was expected to go to Javier Bardem (007 Skyfall). A script by Akiva Goldsman (I am Legend) is expected soon, and the studio will be making its decision in about two weeks, let’s keep our fingers crossed. A daunting project, The Dark Tower series could be told over the course of three movies and two TV series. This is an exciting concept, but seems like a project that could find its way into developmental hell. Alas, I will remain optimistic and keep praying that the TV show ends up HBO.

Source: Deadline