We got a lot of casting news today from the pre-production of the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. It seems that Marc Webb has finalized casting Peter Parker’s best bud, Harry Osborne, and has also locked down the villain of Electro! Osborne will be played by Chronicle star, Dane DeHaan, who I think is a very good upcoming actor. His role as Tetsuo from Akira in Chronicle was expertly done, and showed a ton of promise from the young actor. As we all know, Harry Osborne plays a very intricate part in the Spider-Man mythology not only as Parker’s best friend, but also taking on the mantle of his father, as The Green Goblin!

As far as other villains go, we FINALLY get confirmation that Jamie Foxx will be playing Electro. I really enjoy Foxx as an actor, so I’m excited to see his take on the role; but honestly, Electro isn’t one of my favorite fearsome foes. I’m hoping that he’s not THE villain of the movie and they introduce Green Goblin to kill off Gwen Stacey, since that’s an inevitability in this movie to follow the story of the comics. Sorry Emma Stone, I really do love your Gwen; but it’s your fate.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, along newcomer with Shailene Woodley. It will premiere summer 2014.

Stay tuned as more Amazing Spider-Man 2 news comes to DFAT!