I’m not sure what Sony and Marc Webb have cooked up for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequel, but if this rumor is true, it could be pretty epic. Today, I’ve learned that Colm Feore has been cast as The Vulture. We’ve known that Feore has been a part of the film for a while; but up until now, it wasn’t known who he would be playing.


The inclusion of The Vulture only leads to the idea that in the third film, we’ll be seeing The Sinister Six. With The Lizard not really dying, The Rhino, Electro, and now The Vulture; all we need to see is Doc Ock and possibly Green Goblin, Kraven, or Mysterio! I’m a little worried that the third act will suffer from too many villains, but I loved the first flick and I’m going to put my faith in Webb that he won’t botch it up.

Stay Tuned as more Amazing Spider-Man 2 rumors come in!