Hey Towelites! We have some pretty great Amazing Spider-Man 2 news to share with you today. Marc Webb and the kids will be attending San Diego Comic Con and they decided to bring along a few pieces of news along with them. Below, we have actress Felicity Jones clearing up the rumors on her playing Black Cat, and we also have our first footage of Jamie Foxx as ELECTRO! Check out the goodies below!

felicity jones close up green eyes

Jones had a recent interview and let loose some details on her character.

It’s all quite shrouded in secrecy, but I’m the Goblin’s girlfriend – I’m in a relationship with him, and his accomplice. I’m on the dark side.

She went on to talk about how close-lipped Marvel is:

It’s all in the vaults of Marvel. I love all that secrecy, I think it’s great. It builds anticipation, there’s too much transparency in everything these days.

So, there ya have it. Not that I don’t want to eventually see Black Cat, but it’s nice to not overwhelm an already pretty heavy film with another pseudo-villian.

I’m pretty excited to see what they do with this film, especially since I’m happy with that look they gave Jamie Foxx as Electro. The teaser only gets me more excited, as we see his character presumably in the apparatus that turns him into the electric mayhem.

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Dane DeHaan, Paul Giamatti, Felicity Jones, Chris Cooper, and Sally Field also star. The Marc Webb directed sequel opens May 2, 2014.