SpiderMan Vs VenomLet’s all just take this as what it is, a RUMOR. That being said, I’m going to rant for just a second. We already have an ill-casted Electro and Rhino being played by Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti, respectively. Nothing is wrong with either of those actors, just not my first choices playing super villians. That being said, Alfred Molina was an amazing Dr. Ock.

The rumor about Venom potentially being in the film just throws me over the edge though. Did Marc Webb learn NOTHING from Spider-Man 3? I can tell you right now, I DID. I learned that it is a movie that I will never watch again and should be stricken from the world forever. The major problem was it was TOO BLOATED. Too many characters in a movie just for the sake of doing it; and if Venom get’s added to this film, the same thing is going to happen.

Now, with that being said, if they were veering towards a Sinister Six thing, I would be all about it. I think I’m more upset by the random throwing in of Venom, when his story should be a movie all on it’s own. Anywho, we shall wait and see what happens and see if this rumor comes true or not.

Check out the news below, thanks to LatinoReview, that hints at this whole Venom thing.

It’s a possibility that Dane DeHaan will be the next incarnation of Venom. Director, Marc Webb, recently tweeted DeHaan a happy birthday message that included a picture of a locker with a 14 on it. That same locker can be found in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, and is the same locker that Peter Parker’s dad is holding the symbiote. Given, that this film series seems to hint at his dad being this evil scientist that manipulates his own son’s DNA; it wouldn’t shock me that the symbiote shows up.

amazing spider-man 2 locke

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