When I heard that Marc Webb’s,  Amazing Spider-Man 2 was being entirely shot in New York State, I never would have believed that they would be coming to my town of Rochester, NY. I was super excited that a Hollywood movie would be in my own backyard, especially since I’m a HUGE Spider-Man fan! I applied to be an extra, as well as, a production assistant; but unlucky for me I didn’t get accepted for either spot.

I was bummed out, but determined to get down to where they were shooting the scenes in Downtown Rochester, and was able to get a few shots. I rode my bike down there the other day and it was so blocked off that I didn’t catch anything good. Today, I tapped into my inner Bond and got more creative with making my way to where they were shooting.

Being that I had seen Iron Man 3 last night in IMAX, I was a bit tired this morning and didn’t make my way downtown tip around 11am. From what I heard, they had already filmed a scene with Paul Giammati‘s character escaping police and a car had flipped on to another car. Nonchalantly making my way towards the scene, I saw the overturned vehicle and began to pull out my phone to snap a pick; but I was thwarted by a PA who asked where I was trying to go. I quickly made up an excuse about needing money out of a nearby ATM. I didn’t get kicked out directly, but I also didn’t get the picture of the destroyed vehicle. Below, I’ll share what I DID happen to snap.

As you can see, I was pretty close to where they were filming, but it was VERY closed off to the public. Unless you had an Oscorp badge (what the extras were wearing), you weren’t allowed to get anywhere. Still, it was cool being that close to the action and from the times that I spent down there, they were mostly just trying to reset from the car crash. I didn’t see any celebrities in my travels either, but it was still a pretty great experience!










If any of you fellow Rochesterians snap some pictures, submit them to our email: [email protected]  

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