We have a lot of Amazing Spider-Man news here at DFAT today. So, let’s get right to it. First, we get the announcement that writers, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are signed on to pen the third film. They’ve been the “go-to” writing duo lately, working on films like: The Star Trek Films, Transformers, and the Sleepy Hollow television series. They have also written The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so we’ll see how that one goes first.

No news as to whether Marc Webb has been signed to direct the third film, but it’s a good possibility since he’s had a trilogy planned since he’s started. Amazing Spider-Man 3 is rumored to be a Sinister Fix film, and Paul Giamatti has confirmed his Rhino character will be involved. In a recent interview, Giamatti went on to say he believes he’s only going to be in AM3, ”the next movie, not the next, next movie,” he joked.

Finally, though the third movie is on it’s way. We have a glimpse at what the villain, Electro, is going to look like in AM2. Andrew Garfield and editor, Pietro Scalia, work in the editing bay, whilst Electro hangs in the background.

Andrew Garfield and Pietro Scalia editing Amazing Spider-Man 2As more Amazing Spider-Man sequel news comes in, Stay Tuned to DFAT for your up-to-date news!