Pretty AMAZING news today for the Web-Head! It’s been confirmed that Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield are slated to return for the sequel to the Amazing Spider-Man! Emma Stone has not been attached to return as Gwen Stacy, but it’s pretty much a formality at this point. The chemistry between Stone and Garfield were one of the best parts of the movie, and I really look forward to having the both of them in a movie again. Of course, if you’re a comic book fan, you know that their relationship will probably only go the extent of this next movie anyway, but it would be nice to see what happens next.

Columbia Pictures President Doug Belgrad had this to say regarding the announcement: “We could not be more confident in the direction we are taking this new Spider-Man storyline and we are tremendously excited to be ramping up production again with Marc at the helm and Andrew continuing on as Peter Parker. We can’t wait to share what we have in store for Peter and Spider-Man with audiences worldwide.”

The movie is already slated for a May 2nd, 2014 release date, and I’ll be there for the midnight release no doubt. Stay tuned here at DFAT on more Amazing Spider-Man 2 news as it comes in!