It’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything about the development of the tv series American Gods.  HBO is no longer putting it out, which made me wonder what was going to happen to it, but it turns out that STARZ has picked it up! Honestly, I don’t care who does it, as long as it’s done and done right.  Neil Gaiman seems to be smitten with the people behind it at STARZ and if he trusts them then so do I. 

At this point we don’t have any information as to when it will be coming and who will be starring in it (I’m voting for Jason Momoa as Shadow, he would be PERFECT!), but at least we know it’s in the works.
Take a look at what Neil Gaiman has to say about it.

At this point the only update on American Gods is that Neil Gaiman is working on the third draft of the pilot.  There is no release date, and no cast as of yet, but at least we know they are working on it.  Honestly, I’m glad that they are taking their time on this one.  Personally it’s something I hold very dear to my heart, and knowing that Gaiman is taking his time with it makes me happy.

Though you can’t blame him really for this taking so long, he has been a busy busy man lately.  With about a million projects in the works right now.  He just recently, in February, released his first book for toddlers, Chu’s day, which I of course had to pick up and it is a sweet story about a Panda named Chu, and when he sneezes terrible things happen.  Reading Neil Gaiman to my 5 year old (who adores this book and quotes it constantly) really makes me proud and excited to be able to share my favorite author with him.

Aside from Chu’s Day, his first full novel in years is due out this June called The Ocean at the End of the Lane and it sounds fantastic!  He is planning a huge book tour for this one, which he said is the last one he will be doing of this magnitude, so keep an eye out for a signing in your area this summer!  Not to mention the prequel to Sandman that he’s been working on, which is due out this October!

He’s working with Blackberry on an interactive story with fans called A Calendar of Tales.  He tweeted out questions for each month of the year to fans and picked his favorite story, wrote his version of it and is now having fans illustrate it for him. Blackberry has been following him around filming his every step through this process.

What else is Neil doing you ask?  Well, Neverwhere is being broadcast as a six part series on BBC radio staring James McAvoy, Natalie Dormer, David Harewood, Sophie Okenado, Benedict Cumberbatch, Anthony Head, David Schofield, Bernard Cribbens, Romola Garai and Christopher Lee as the cast and he has been re-writing parts of the story for this.

He has An Evening with Neil and Amanda scheduled for sometime this month in MA, along with speaking at SXSW and various other projects he is touring for.

see, I’m up to speed on all my Gaiman knowledge.  If you would like to know more about what he’s up to and read any updates he might have on American Gods check out his website at  You can also check out the Neverwhere radio broadcast at, his BlackBerry Calendar of Tales here at  You can also follow him on twitter and facebook to catch any updates he has.  He likes to keep his fans up to date on everything that’s going on.

I’ll let you know when I know more Towelites!!!!