After our two week adventure with Anne Frank, AHS decided to take a side step and fill us in on some details that cements together many elements of this this season.  This episode also finally put the spotlight on Sister Mary Eunice and the Monsignor giving us a chance to learn more about who they are and what their motivations are.
Sister Mary Eunice
Many have wondered if Sister Mary Eunice is actually possessed by a demon or not as for all we knew until this point she was just using an alleged possession as a reason to act how she truly wanted.  Between what went on this week and in the preview for next week (she sends someone flying across the room without touching them in next week’s preview) it is safe to assume that the Devil really is inside.  Mary Eunice not only tells a murderous child to embrace her dark urges, she also decides to take out the Nazi Hunter working with Sister Jude in order to protect Dr. Arden.  Mary Eunice also flat out admits to being Satan and goes on to express her belief that there is no such thing as God.  The demon also reaches back into Mary Eunice’s memories which show her to be a victim of bullying throughout her life which most likely makes her an excellent host for said demon. Mary Eunice pledges her allegiance to Arden.
Monsignor Timothy
The Monsignor is asked to give a monstrous patient at a hospital her last rights.  Upon discovering the monster is Shelley the Monsignor immediately confronts Arden and attempts to shut him down.  We flashback to when the church took over Briarcliff which had previously been a tuberculosis ward.  Arden was already at Briarcliff and he shared his plans with the Monsignor about how he wanted to experiment on humans in order to make them better (and apparently able to withstand the power of nuclear bombs).  The Monsignor decides to bring Arden on so that if Arden ever is successful the Monsignor will get the praise from the Catholic Church.  When the Monsignor demands that Arden stop his experiments Arden counters that the Monsignor is just as guilty for allowing them to go on.  The Monsignor backs down and conspires with Arden to get Sister Jude out of the picture.
Sister Jude
Sister Jude is miraculously still working at Briarcliff and is shocked that the Nazi Hunter tells her that Anne Frank’s information was correct.  However before Jude can deliver Arden’s fingerprints to the Hunter he is murdered by Mary Eunice.  After the Monsignor and Arden have their talk about what became of Shelley, the Monsignor decides to send Sister Jude off to Pittsburgh where she can no longer meddle in his business.
Lana, Thredson and a dash of Kit
Lana is still tied up in Thredson’s (Bloody Face’s) basement.  As the two interact with each other we learn that Thredson has serious mommy issues and is looking for the mother figure he never knew.  Somehow Lana fits his fantasy perfectly and she is forced to mother him in order to not be skinned.  Kit uses his one phone call from prison to call Thredson which pushes Thredson into a rage that nearly sees the end of Lana’s life.  Lana however is able to talk him down and the scene ends with Thredson nursing on her breast.  Seriously.
The Present Day
Meanwhile in the modern ruins of Briarcliff Bloody Face calls the police and has them come find the bodies of the Bloody Face copycats and Leo.  It is then shown that Teresa is still alive and being tortured in a situation very similar to Lana’s.
Why does the Devil say there isn’t a God?  Doesn’t the existence of Satan prove there is a God?  How in the dark is the Monsignor about Arden’s experiments?  Is Shelley really dead since Arden told her might live forever? Has Sister Jude not noticed that Sister Mary Eunice is possesed?  Is Thredson looking for a sexual relationship with Lana or a mother-son one?

B- (abandoning the number system)