American Horror Story returns this October on FX and frankly, I couldn’t be more hyped. Last year, I was consistently creeped out on a weekly basis; sometimes even going as far as to give me nightmares of Tate’s creepy visage as he ghost-raped somebody. So, this season brings some of the first season’s veterans back; including Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, and Evan Peters; but also introduces some new characters from actors James Cromwell (Star Trek: First Contact), Chole Sevigny (Big Love) , Clea Duvall (The Faculty), *ahem* Adam Levine (The Voice) and some others.

Series creator, Ryan Murphy, hasn’t said specifically what we will see in the upcoming season, other than we won’t see any ghosts and that “ Horrifying. [It’s] a period piece in a mental institution based largely on truth and truth is always scarier than fiction.”

Whatever they decide to do, I’m all about it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending of Season 1, that’s just because I don’t really understand who these ghosts are always getting changes of clothing, and how Tate can go outside of the house, but no one else really could. I don’t know, it left too many loose ends for me; but other than that, it was great.  I’m a long-time Nip/Tuck fan and I had transitioned to Glee until about the time Ryan Murphy clearly gave up on his efforts on that show, and devoted them to American Horror Story.

Check out American Horror Story: Asylum premiering this October on FX. Check out below to see character promo reel and a teaser of the upcoming season.