Welcome back Carnie fans to the second half of season four.  It feels like it has been ages since last saw our troupe freaks try to survive in the little town of Jupiter.  In the last episode, we see Jimmy in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.  Dandy kills his mother and his maid’s daughter, Regina.  He also claims to be a god.  Dell grows a conscience, and Pepper gets put into the Briarcliff Psychiatric Home by her birth mother who framed her for killing her newborn sister.  Things don’t look good for the carnies, but what else is new.

AHS Freak Show Magical Thinking 01The Good

  • Neil Patrick Harris joins the cast as Chester Kreb, a traveling chameleon salesman who wants to join the show as a magician in Elsa’s freak show.
  • Marjorie is Chester’s dummy, who sounds like that girl from last season who has Down Syndrome. Chester uses the dummy has a crutch to cope with reality.  He even has actual conversations with it.
  • Stanley finally gets Jimmy’s lobster hands by telling him that they can pay for a great attorney to help get him out of jail for the Tupperware Massacre.
  • Chester’s past is pretty dark. He is on the run from the Macon police because he is accused of killing his wife and her lover.  His severe attachment to Marjorie makes him believe that he witnessed her killing the two women.  He doesn’t have a grip on reality.
  • Elsa tells Dell to break Jimmy out of prison because she believes that he will be killed in there for the massacre. With the help of Amazon Eve, Dell breaks Jimmy out of jail and in the process kills two Jupiter police officers.
  • Neil Patrick Harris is a great addition to the troupe. His appearance is not what makes him a freak, but his mental instability and his warped sense of reality is what makes him one of the most unsettling freaks so far.  First there is Dandy, then Chester, both looking normal on the outside, but totally twisted on the inside.
  • Maggie finally reveals to Elsa about what happened to Ma Petite.
  • Dell finally confesses to Desiree about his involvement in the murder of Ma Petite. Elsa kills him after hearing his confession.
  • It is nice to see Amazon Eve get some screen time.
  • Chester buys Elsa’s Freakshow for $1,000.00 dollars, but the troupe is not happy about it. They wanted to buy the show for themselves.  Elsa is ready to go to Hollywood and become famous.
  • Marjorie wants Chester to put the twins in the magic act of the Sawing Box and saw them in half. This dummy’s got a dark side

AHS Freak Show Magical Thinking 03The Bad

  • The Twins finally get there groove on with Chester. I really didn’t want to see that.
  • Dandy is still infatuated with the twins. He gets his lackey police detective to follow the twins and take pictures of them having sex.
  • Dell is dead. Just when I thought he can be redeemed, he gets a bullet in his head by Elsa.

AHS Freak Show Magical Thinking 02So far the second half of season four is starting off on the right foot.  Introducing Neil Patrick Harris as Chester definitely gave this show more spice and excitement.  I can’t wait to see how his character is going stir up trouble for the carnies and Dandy. Looks like there is another psychopath in the neighborhood, and it seems that two is definitely a crowd.  It also looks as though the townsfolk has reverted back to there hateful side due to the fact that one of the freaks went crazy on the Tupperware ladies.  Can’t these freaks ever catch a break?  I guess not.

Recap: AHS Freak Show “Magical Thinking”