This episode reveals a lot about who Elsa really is.  Several secrets are revealed in this one, and the morale in the carnie troupe is wavering.  Elsa is struggling to keep her involvement with the twin’s disappearance under the radar.  Stanley and Maggie/Esmerelda need to find another freak to bring to the Morbidity Museum now that the twins are gone.  We get to see more of Paul, the Illustriated Seal Boy, extracurricular activities in this episode.  Dandy the Man-Child gets new “friends”.

AHS Bullseye 01The Good

  • Paul is having an affair with Penny, the candy striper from the first episode. She is the one who Elsa drugged and have the carnies, especially Paul, sexually assault her.  This story line creates an interesting look at Paul and how he tries to find love in all the wrong places.
  • Paul gets to see who Elsa really is when he confronts her about the twin’s disappearance. He knows something didn’t add up when he encounters Dandy at a drug store in town trying to buy two of everything in women accessories.  He suspects that Elsa sold the twins to the Motts out of jealousy.
  • The green eyed monster shows its ugly face when Paul sees Elsa throw a fit when the twins are mentioned. She uses the meltdown to solidify the troupes’ loyalty to her by performing her knife act on Paul as a means to show them they can trust her.  She also reminds them that she is the one that saved them from the cruel outside world.  Unfortunately, her plan backfires and Paul gets seriously injured because Elsa didn’t miss.
  • Jimmy and Ethel start to get suspicious of Elsa and her true intentions. Ethel’s last scene with Elsa tells me that Ethel is the true protector of this troupe and will do whatever it takes to keep the carnies safe, even from Elsa.
  • Maggie/Esmeralda is beginning to grow a heart for these freaks, especially Jimmy. She couldn’t bring herself to kill Ma Petite, and that might be a problem down the road for her.  Stanley is displeased and demands Maggie to hand over Jimmy to him.
  • We’re finally seeing Dandy for whom he truly is: a heartless killer. “My purpose is to bring death, and I am not meant to love,” Dandy says to his mother. The look in Gloria’s eyes is terrifying when he tells her that. She believes she lost her son because of what Dot wrote in her diary about Dandy.

 The Bad

  • Dot and Bette story is a little weak this episode. They are living in the Mott’s house with everything they ever wanted.  Bette’s outlook on where she is gets a little annoying, plus her southern accent is getting on my nerves, she is just too happy.
  • Elsa and Paul’s relationship is a bit creepy.
  • Paul and Penny’s relationship is just a speed bump to the main plot. It is not going to end well for the both of them.
  • When the troupe finds out that Elsa never called for an ambulance for Paul, I’m not sure what the carnies are going to do with her.

AHS Bullseye 02Elsa continues to be blind to her own stardom, that she doesn’t see how much harm she has inflicted on her freaks.  With Paul dying from her knife throwing act’s accident, Elsa is free to work on her television career promised by Stanley.  The freak show may get new addition with Penny caring for the injured Paul.  This show is like an onion, with each episode a layer gets peeled back to expose the true nature of what is underneath the skin, and it smells.