The impact of Ethel’s death weighs heavily on Jimmy and the carnie troupe.  Now that Ethel is gone, Jimmy doesn’t have anybody to hold on to or care about, so he sinks deeper and deeper into the bottle, just like his old man, Dell.  To make matters worse, Dandy is hell bent on destroying Jimmy and his happiness for taking away the twins from him.

AHS Tupperware 01The Good

  • Dandy finally becomes a full fledge psychopath with socio-pathic and megalomaniacal tendencies. His belief that by bathing in the blood of his victims, he will become a god and that nobody can harm him.
  • In a drunken state, Jimmy continues to make a fool of himself at the freakshow by using the new girl, Irma Wiggles, as a sex toy. He even embarrasses himself more at the Tupperware party where he couldn’t perform because he was so drunk.  His guilt is so intense that he mistakenly thought that one of the women is his mother, and that she is there judging and criticizing him
  • By leaving a bloody trail behind, Dandy frames Jimmy for the multiple murders of the women at the Tupperware party where Jimmy services them sexually. The image of these floating women in the pool filled with blood is chilling.  The extent of how far Dandy will go to ruin Jimmy is very scary.
  • Dandy is way too far gone that he uses his mother’s body and an Avon lady to pose as a puppet with two heads, just like the twins. OMG!!
  • Dell finally grows a conscious about his involvement with Ma Petite. His guilt is so much that he sees Ma Petite and Ethel everywhere.  His failed attempt of suicide gives us a clear picture that his torment is not over.
  • Feeling invincible, Dandy terrorizes Regina, but at the same time wants her to feel the strength that he is given and to join him in his power play. When she refuses and threatens to go to the police, Dandy is not fazed at all and lets her go.  Regina returns to the Mott’s house with the police and tells the officer everything that Dandy has done.  Dandy flashes his wealth and power to the Jupiter police officer; Regina gets a bullet in the head because money is power.
  • The twins are found by Elsa and Stanley at a nearby hotel where Ethel hid them from her. Elsa tells them that they found a doctor who can safely operate on them to separate the two.  In a switch, Dot is happy that this is going to happen, but Bette is scared that she will lose her sister through this.  They take her back to the carnival waiting for the doctor who will do the procedure.  But in reality, Elsa and Stanley are cooking up a deception for them to get rid the twins once and for all.
  • Jimmy gets a warm and tender welcome from the twins. His humanity slowly resurfaces, but he rejects them and insists that he is in love with someone else, but who?  Could it be Maggie?  If so, he has a hell of a way of showing it.
  • To finalize his revenge on Jimmy, Dandy has him arrested for the multiple murders of the women at the Tupperware party, because he left his glove at there house, and also the Jupiter police is on the take from Dandy.

The Bad

  • Enough with the sexual situations with Stanley, it is getting ridiculous. He creeps me out.
  • I know that Maggie is trying to fit in with the troupe, but can she choose which side she is one, Stanley or the carnies.
  • Now that Ethel is gone, who will be the strong leader in this troupe? It looks like Desiree is stepping up to the plate, we shall see.
  • I’m surprised that Elsa is still convinced that Stanley is doing all of this for her. She is more the enemy than Stanley is to the carnival freaks.  She even calls them her “monsters”.AHS Tupperware 02

This week the freaks mourn one of their own and Jimmy seems lost in the bottle.  Darkness fills the tent, and Stanley gets closer and closer to getting back the twins.  Jimmy is sent to jail for the murders he didn’t commit and Dandy finally knows who he is.  Can the carnival be saved?  How will Jimmy get out this mess?  And why am I ending this recap with questions?