The freakshow is under new management and the troupe finds out the truth about Stanley with the help of Maggie.  Things need to be set right with the murder of Ma Petite and Ethel.  The troupe takes matters into their own hands by delivering justice for the murder of their own.  An old friend helps Elsa with Jimmy’s amputated hands and Chester is finally unraveling with the help of his dummy Marjorie.

AHS Freak Show Show Stoppers 02
The Good

  • Taken from the final scene of the 1932 film Freaks, the troupe exact their vengeance on Stanley for his involvement of Ma Petite’s death. They turn him into a horrible version of Meep and put him in a cage.  It is priceless.
  • Danny Huston guests stars as Elsa’s old friend, a master carpenter and Elsa’s savior, Massimo Dolcefino, to help Jimmy get new hands.
  • Dandy reveals Chester’s dark murderous past to the Twins.
  • Maggie meets her end by the hands of Chester when he uses her in his magic act of the Magic Saw Box. It goes horribly wrong.  Nobody is sad to see her go.
  • Chester finally goes medieval on Marjorie and kills her. He then confesses to the police that he should get the chair for killing his dummy.
  • The Twins warn Elsa about the troupe’s plan to kill her for the murder of Ethel, and Elsa escapes before the carnies get to her. Elsa saved their lives, and now the Twins paid her back by doing the same.
  • Before Elsa left, she sold the carnival to Dandy for $10,000.00 now that Chester is in jail.
  • Jimmy gets his hands from Massimo. He loves them because they are exactly what he wanted, his old lobster hands made out of wood.
  • More of Elsa’s past is revealed. It is a filler between the main focus where Chester’s sense of reality comes crumbling down and the lynch mob mentality by the carnie troupe.

AHS Freak Show Show Stoppers 01The Bad

  • I would have loved to see Elsa get what she deserved for all she has done to the troupe.
  • This is the last episode before the season finale. I wish it didn’t have to end.
  • It is too bad Chester is gone, I loved his crazy psychotic mentality that he brought to the Freakshow.

This episode shows us the raw emotion of what the carnie troupe are actually feeling.  After losing too many of their kind, their only course of action is to get rid of their so called savior, Elsa, and the person responsible for taking their precious Ethel and Ma Petite away, Stanley. Chester is gone and Dandy has finally gotten what he has always dreamed of….his own freak show.  How will the season end?  No one knows, but I’m sure it will be one hell of an end.