Good news American Horror Story fans, FX has renewed the show for a third season to air next fall. Jessica Lange (Sister Jude/Constance) will also be along for the ride!  This weeks American Horror Story was full of all sorts of twists and turns leaving many of the characters in a state of flux.  Its hard to believe that with all of the craziness and character development that has gone on this season that we’re only five episodes into thirteen.  Its anyone’s guess where this season will end.

Dr. Thredson, Lana & Kit
Thredson moved forward with his plan to break Lana out of Briarcliff by pretty much just walking out the front door with her with minimal distraction to the guards.  On his way out a guard requests Thredson help with another inmate to which he creepily replies that not only does he no longer work at Briarcliff, he never did. Rather than taking Lana to her home (he explains that people will be looking for her) he brings her to his apartment which slowly begins to creep Lana out.  Lana ends up discovering a room full of bizarre instruments and a lampshade made out of human skin.  When Thredson discovers Lana’s exploration he opens a trap door which drops her into what looks like a set from one of the Saw movies.  Lana is then smacked with a double whammy by learning that not only is Dr. Thredson Bloody Face he also killed her girlfriend Wendy.  To make things even more creeptacular Thredson plans on using Wendy’s dead body to help Lana with her aversion therapy.
Moving backwards to before Thredson broke out Lana he had a final therapy session with Kit.  Thredson convinced Kit that if Kit would admit to the murders he would be able to begin remembering committing them.  Kit does what is asked of him thinking it will save him from prison, but Thredson secretly records the “confessions” and gives them to the police.  Police then arrive to take Kit to prison for admitting to be Bloody Face.
Is Dr. Thredson actually who he claims to be?  His line about not really working at Briarcliff could either be a red herring or an admission that he may have done something to the real Dr. Thredson.  Why is the alleged Dr. Thredson so obsessed with Lana?  If Thredson really is Bloody Face, Lana has already survived far longer than most girls would have.  Why the aversion therapy?  Does Thredson want Lana to love him?  And, for the love of God, why would the writers name a character who sows lampshades of human skin Thredson?
Dr. Arden, Shelley & Anne Frank
Anne Frank’s hostage situation is quickly taken care of by Sister Mary Eunice and a guard.  After coming to from sedation Anne Frank is questioned by Sister Jude about why she shot Dr. Arden.  Anne speaks of a legless monster in Arden’s lab however after searching high and low the monster is never found.  Arden is then sent to the hospital.  Anne’s husband shows up claiming her name is Charlotte Cohen Brown and that due to post-partum psychosis she now believes herself to be Anne Frank. Sister Jude sends her home with her husband who then returns her claiming she tried to kill their baby.  Dr. Arden then gives Anne a lobotomy which apparently turns her into the perfect housewife. Before panning away the camera then zooms onto one of Anne’s photos on her wall which shows that Dr. Arden really is a Nazi war criminal.  Dr. Arden thanks the (still) demonically possessed Sister Mary Eunice for hiding his “monster”.  It seems that Sister Mary Eunice left the legless abomination that was once Shelley in school yard where she is currently scaring faculty and students.
If Charlotte really isn’t Anne Frank how did she know who Dr. Arden was and that he’s a Nazi war criminal?  Why the hell would Anne’s husband put her back in Briarcliff after he’s seen that it resembles a dungeon?  Is Sister Mary Eunice for or against Arden as she helped him hide Shelley from Sister Jude but then put her out where others could find her?  Why did the camera have that weirdness to it whenever it showed Anne/Charlotte as a housewife?
While Kit is spared from being sterilized by Sister Jude, Grace is not so lucky. After throwing a fit in her cell she passes out only to be awoken by a loud rattling and a strange bright light from the roof of her cell.  Grace finds herself consumed by the light only to a vision of a pregnant Alma (Kit’s “dead” wife) and then be probed by the ever mysterious aliens.  As Kit is being taken away by the police Grace screams to him that she believes him about not killing Alma (or anyone else).
Are the aliens real?  If Alma really is alive and with the aliens what is the connection between the aliens and Dr. Thredson?

Sister Jude
Its hard to believe that the woman he locked Lana away in the premiere just for crossing her is presented as the heroine at this point.  Sister Jude’s life is crashing around her as she tries to hold onto her job and also to her life.  With the shooting of Dr. Arden and the apparent discrediting of Anne Frank, Sister Jude knows her goose is cooked and her reign of Briarcliff will not last much longer.  When a guard informs her that Lana has escaped Sister Jude takes her to her civilian clothes and hits up a bar. A stranger buys her a drink and the next thing we know she’s waking up in his bed.
Will the Nazi hunter continue to look into Dr. Arden even though Sister Jude called him off?  Will Sister Jude attempt to reclaim her position at Briarcliff?  Will Arden come for her because she knows too much?

Rating: 8.0/10.0