The second season of American Horror Story just recently ended, but that doesn’t mean that Season 3 isn’t in full swing. Ryan Murphy has more historical plans in mind for the upcoming season and he’s also bringing back some of his favorite actors. Coming back to the third season will be Frances Conroy and Taissa Farmiga. Conroy was the Angel of Death in the last season, but Farmiga was only in season 1. They join Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange and Evan Peters as returning cast members.

Ryan Murphy had this to say about the upcoming season:

“What season three is about is more historical in nature. I’m also interested in getting into a horror romance. That’s certainly something that’s going to be in the water for season three. You’re going to see a very different tone in season three, but that’s the joy of the show. I think as a person right now I do feel lighter and wanting to embrace something a little bit more fun.”

“In the water” to me would suggest drowning. Much like they did to witches back in Salem times, and as the image below would seem to represent what time period they will be exploring. American Horror Story is expected back to television in October.


American Horror Story Season 3