So it seems these days ever company wants to take their core characters back to the beginning and give them some kind of new origin, spice up their early days, and/or create some kind of new twist that makes them the superhero they are today. Sometimes this is ok and it works out, take Green Arrow Year One for example. Since Batman Zero Year is not over yet, I can’t give full judgement on it, but Batman Year One can be looked at as a Jim Gordon story. These are a few examples of what has been done in the past, mostly on the DC side of things, especially since the company uses that “Year One” tag line. Now it seems that Dan Slott and Marvel want to do the same thing for everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man!

With the inevitable return of Peter Parker as Spidey, after a long hiatus of Doc Ock (read Superior Spider-Man by Slott), and the brand new Amazing Spider-Man ongoing starting this March, we will also have a companion mini-series to go along with it. The five-part series, numbered 1.1-1.5 in usual Marvel NOW! fashion, titled “Learning to Crawl“, will being on sale May 7th and run through September. Slott promises that this will be more of a teenage Peter Parker story than just a Spidey story, “You start looking at it closer and closer and you go, ‘There’s a story here that we’re not seeing,'” Slott told the AP. “A very pivotal and crucial story that lovingly respects everything that went on but tells you more, so much more about Spider-Man and so much more about Peter Parker.” There is also talk of a new villain emerging on the scene during the series, who seems to be running around inspired by the web-crawler. “He’s got his first villain who is his own age, someone that he’s inspired, instead of clashing with The Vulture or Doctor Octopus or the Lizard, all of whom were adults and authority figures.” Slott continued, “He’s a troubled teen hero fighting a troubled teen villain!

Well whatever the case may be, it’s nice to know that Peter Parker is back in the old “red and blue”! ALSO look for all of the covers to be done by superstar artist, Alex Ross!

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