A lot of people didn’t like The Amazing Spider-Man films. They didn’t like that the remake was so close to the Raimi films, and they didn’t think that Andrew Garfield was a good choice to play Peter Parker. I personally thought they were great and had a good time in the theatre with both of them. I would love if the character was under the Marvel/Disney umbrella and so would a lot of fans; but Sony has the creative rights to the character…at the moment.

As more and more Sony leaks are happening from their system being hacked, we find out that Sony has been in talks with Marvel to bring the character over to them and even have Spidey appear in Captain America: Civil War. The only problem is that Marvel would want to have FULL ownership over the character and would want Garfield to be replaced.

This week’s Caption This is to answer the question of ‘What is Andrew Garfield texting about this news?” Sound off in the comments.

andrew garfield texting