If you’re a fan of video games, it’s likely you’ll own a console. And it’s a strong possibility that some of your friends and family own one too. Consoles have been the mainstay of electronic entertainment for decades.

While they still have a strong market share of the games market, they are also evolving. But, so too are other gaming niches. One such example is browser-based online gaming. Some people have even suggested their market share may topple that of the console niche. Is such a thing likely to happen? Well, it’s a strong possibility. Here’s why:

Free games

Let’s face it. Everyone likes free stuff! Browser-based online games are usually free to play. Not everyone wants to pay two or even three-figure sums to play a game!

You don’t need to stay loyal to a brand

The beauty of online browser gaming is that you don’t need any specific hardware. It’s possible to play games even on smartphones and tablets without a PC or Mac in sight!

As you can imagine, the cost-conscious among us will benefit from that selling point the most. Plus, it gives you the freedom to play games from a variety of developers. Not ones that only create games for specific console platforms.

You get to make new friends

Multiplayer console games are usually with people you already know. But, what if you wish to make new gaming friends online? Browser-based online games can make that happen.

There is a ton of reasons why browser games could have the potential to rule over consoles! The following infographic gives some more examples:

Infographic Produced By Unblocked Games