We’re not usually ones to report rumors or conjecture; but this piece of information is just too good to pass up. Freddie Prinze Jr., voice actor for Kanan from Star Wars Rebels recently posted the following tweet and it has us buzzing over here at DFAT!

While there is no confirmation of what this picture is, you could guess that it’s alluding to Sith-turned-Bounty Hunter, Asajj Ventress, joining the cast of Rebels Season 2. We haven’t seen the character since The Clone Wars, but the Dark Disciple book is coming out soon that will give us even more insight into the character and what happened to her. Given that she isn’t affiliated with either the Light or Dark side of the Force, it’ll be interesting to see what her involvement will be like when/if she encounters Ezra and the rest of the Rebels.

As more news comes on this reveal, stay tooned here to DFAT. Also, keep an eye out for our review on Dark Disciple in the next few weeks.