We’re getting closer to the return of Arrested Development, as it will air it’s fourth season on Netflix on May 4th. Today, we learned that Kristen Wiig will be joining the cast, as someone you might not expect. The casting news doesn’t come as much as a surprise, figuring that Jason Bateman and Wiig have been friends since starring in Paul and Extract together. I’m very excited for her character, and if you look below, SPOILERS are ahead as to who she’ll be portraying.

Still with me? Ok. Wiig will be starring as a younger version of Lucille Bluth! This season is all about focusing on each character individually  whilst the other cast members intermingle throughout the episodes. I’m guessing that we will get a back-story as to when George Bluth Sr. and Lucille first met. I think Wiig is one of the funniest people in Hollywood and can’t wait to see her join the cast!

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