Arrow is ONE month away, and what a perfect lead into NYCC 2012! I’ll be watching it the night before my friends and I descend upon NYC to our Geek Mecca! Here’s the two more new promos for the CW’s latest superhero outting airing Wednesday October 10th! Here we see Ollie’s run-ins with the police of Starling City, and why Ollie is not a ‘trustworthy’ guy. Also take a look at the pics below, from the set of a filmed bank robbery. We have what appears to be a group of people, perhaps hostages coming out of the bank. The people are wearing hockey masks with card families on them. Rumored on one of the Green Arrow spoiler pages, GreenArrowTV, is the appearance of a character named the King of Diamonds, so we MAY just be seeing the appearance of The Royal Flush Gang!  Also, sprinkle some salt on this one, there’s a small rumor that John Barrowman may be playing Bruce Wayne, but don’t let that one run wild! Two rumored Batman related appearances already, what else is in store for us?! Check out the two new promos below as well!





Arrow quivers up Wednesday October 10th!

Stay tooned 😛



Thanks to Comicbookmovie, E! Online, and YVRShoots