Our friends over at ComicBookMovie have scored an EXCLUSIVE interview with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg from the CW’s new series ‘Arrow’. AS you Towelites know we here at DFAT have been following news from this show on a regular basis, this interview doesn’t have much in new content, but they discuss things suchas “boxing glove arrows’, and a Green Arrow who is not afraid to use deadly force! You can read it all right here! I don’t know why they keep driving this “grittier” than Smallville aspect into us. I know this. Thank you. Oliver Queen is going to kill some people. Awesome. It’s as if they are trying so hard to set it apart from Smallville and the “superhero” idea that I’m not sure if they know how to categorize it except as a “crime drama”. Green Arrow is just like Batman, human. I don’t expect much EXCEPT for him to kick the crap outta bad guys and shoot arrows! And with the guest star roster growing, I have total faith! Whatevs, Im still super excited to watch this show and I will be there, Wednesday October 10th at 8pm, when it premieres on the CW!

Stay tooned 😛