Are you ready for the return of Arrow?! I know I am, and January 15th cannot come any sooner! After the events of the mid-season finale I am excited to see what Starling City has in store for us in 2014! Check out some two new promo images released by the CW, one featuring Arrow in his new domino mask! What do you think of the more classic look, Towelites?

Blast Radius

Blast Radius

[box_light]Blast Radius: “Oliver must tackle a new threat to the city when bombs start to go off in Starling City.  Felicity discovers the person setting them off is Mark Sheffner (guest star Sean Maher), a man who goes by the nickname Shrapnel.  Arrow discovers Shrapnel’s next target is Sebastian Blood’s (guest star Kevin Alejandro) “Unity Rally” and tries to talk the alderman out of hosting it, but he refuses.  Arrow sets off to stop the bombing, but Shrapnel tricks him and traps him in a bomb-laced antique store where he is unable to move without setting off the device.  While Felicity helps Oliver, Diggle races to the plaza to find the bomb before it goes off.  Meanwhile, Roy continues to hide his new strength from Thea but, after she witnesses his super strength in action at the rally, she demands answers.  Laurel’s suspicions about Sebastian grow stronger once she learns that he grew up with Cyrus Gold, the man who killed Lance’s partner.  After Donner (guest Star Dylan Bruce) refuses to help her investigate, she turns to Arrow for help.”[/box_light]

If you’re interested in how one of the most badass shows on TV does up their action then check out this featurette showing the behind-the-scenes goodness from Arrow and Canary’s fight with Al-Owal from this season’s fifth episode “League of Assassins”.



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