Two new faces are joining the cast of Arrow this season, one is kind of new news and the other a little surprising!

Katana Rila Fukushima ArrowRila Fukushima, known for her role as Yukio in The Wolverine, will be taking over the part of Katana. Originally Devon Akoi (Sin City) was supposed to play the part, but she stepped down due to scheduling conflicts. I rather enjoyed Fukishima in The Wolverine and I am pretty excited for her to take on the character. Her fighting skills are pretty top-notch as well!


Matt Ward Komodo ArrowA villain from the comics is also set to appear this season. Komodo, who had a big part in Jeff Lemire’s (the writer actually created the character) run on the Green Arrow comic series, will be played by actor Matt Ward (Tron: Legacy). Look for Komodo to show up on the second episode and play a major role through out the season!


Arrow will return with its third season on October 8th on The CW!
Arrow promotional image~CynicNerd