Arrow-Logo-Banner   Hey Towelites! Chaz, here on Arrow Update duties whilst CynicNerd is off to Japan for the week. Anywho, on to the review of tonight’s episode, ‘Betrayal.’ I really enjoyed this episode! Oliver (Stephen Amell) confronted his mom (Susanna Thompson) about the book that matched his fathers, and the one that he uses to find out who he needs to kill next in Starling City. You could tell she was shooken up by the whole thing, because she immediately dismissed it and through it in the fire. Good thing he has another one! It was great having Diggle (David Ramsey) following her and finding out she’s working with Malcom Merlyn (John Barrowman). I like his villain-role the best so far. It was great to see Manu Bennett (Spartacus) guest-starring as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. I love him on Spartacus and think it’ll be great if he’s training Oliver to become The Arrow!

We also had the release of Seth Gabel‘s, The Count, from prison. He’s hell-bent on taking down ‘The Hood’ and enlists a lot of baddies to help him. With his beefed up militia, Arrow needs to team up with Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne) to go after The Count. Lance agrees, but he’s been playing a dangerous game himself. He’s been bugging his daughter, Laurel (Katie Cassady), whenever she talks to ‘The Hood.’ When Laurel finds out, she dismisses her father, and puts their relationship on hold. The episode ends with The Count still alive, and a lot of mixed emotions surrounding Oliver and his mother. He decides he’s going to pay her a visit as Arrow, and he ends up pointing an arrow at her!

Let’s get to some spoilers for next week’s episode! Checking out the pictures below it seems that Ollie’s getting a little help from his friends.

Next Week’s episode is counting down to the last 9 of the season!

In addition to a potential new partner, it also seems we’ll be getting a fresh face on Arrow. On episode 15, called “Dodger” Roy Harper will be introduced. He’s played by James Callis and will eventually become one of Thea’s love interests

Felicity tells Oliver he’s all work and no play, so he asks Detective McKenna (guest star Janina Gavankar) on a date. A jewel thief named Dodger (guest star James Callis) hits Starling City and targets someone very close to Oliver. Meanwhile, while working with Laurel, Thea gets her purse stolen by a very fast pickpocket named Roy Harper. Moira makes a move against Malcom.

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