The Huntress Returns

Remember those lovely Huntress episodes that disappointed me? Well our favorite Helena Bertinelli, Jessica De Gouw, is back trying to kill her mobster father. Sorry to say I wasn’t overly excited when I heard that she would be returning so soon, until I watched this episode. Jake Coburn and Lana Cho taking credit for this one and it was definitely a positive change in tone. A very Punisher-esque plot and the  Huntress was given the “villain” spotlight this time around and it worked. I will never be impressed by De Gouw’s representation of the Huntress, yet the treatment was right on. Helena made Ollie’s life a living hell the entire time and it never got old.


The club opened this week, and Tommy is still struggling with the realization that his best friend is the “killer” vigilante. Everybody wants to party except Tommy, who ends up being taken hostage by Huntress and having his hand snapped. But just when you think things are going to get worse between the two, Tommy lets Oliver know that he understands, and that no matter what they are best friends. I guess we’ll have to wait until down the line when Ollie kills his father. Spoiler alert, lol. On the other hand we see Tommy holding things back from Laurel, something that will most likely affect their relationship down the line.

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The real twist this week is the return of Dinah Lance, Laurel’s Mother! She has some rather ALARMING news, she believes Sarah to be alive and surviving on the islands! Why not spoiled Oliver could do why couldn’t she? After presenting evidence and upsetting Quentin, Dinah convinces Laurel the easiest but it takes Quentin, who you really feel for here, to come to terms with something that he had already “dealt” with emotionally. By the end he is willing to hear Dinah out. Will we see a search party plot come up soon? Will Sarah appear on Arrow in the future? Anything can happen on those islands!

The Huntress Returns

We return to force on Purgatory Island, as we watch Slade Wilson and Oliver kick some mercenary butt! I enjoy every second this side of the story is shown, and I am excited to see what’s next now that Ollie is developing the “warrior mind”. How long does it take to make him the killing machine that he is in the present? How long does Slade train him before things go sour?  Who knows but I am excited to see how long Manu Bennett will be around! Will he become Deathstroke? Still eager to know why the mask was there on the beach with an arrow through it in the pilot?! Me too!


Finally things heat up between Thea and Roy! We see how much of a bad-ass Roy can be as he defends Thea from some thugs looking for a good time! My guess is that Thea is gonna get killed and that Roy will take on the mantle of Speedy. Season finale? I think so. Red Arrow anyone?



Starling City News

The Odyssey

Slade Wilson and The Count return! Manu Bennett has been offered a role in season 2! Exciting!? I can’t wait to see what happens with their relationship on the island. Seth Gabel is not done terrorizing the brain chemicals of the youth of Starling City! The Count aka Count Vertigo is set to return in just 2 weeks! What do you think Arrow fans, excited for this psycho to return!?!



Next week! S1E18 ‘Salvation’ 



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