Exciting episode tonight! We have a revenge killer on our hands and The Glades seem to be the main focus here. A tragic story of a man who’s wife was assaulted and killed by some gangbangers, so he goes on the warpath. His MO? Kidnapping the victim and taking them to a moving subway train! At the center of the episode, this story ends with Roy getting captured and Thea freaking out and the Arrow team succeeding in rescue and puncture.

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On the island Ollie and Slade want off the island and they are willing to give the chip to Fyers in exchange for a boat. OF course this doesn’t go as planned and Fyers throws in the wild card and brings out Yao Fei’s daughter. After a quick fight and escape the four are on the run, but Fei ends up with a bullet in his leg!   With the chip missing, the three decided to go back on the offensive!

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Moira is a cold bitch. Anything to protect her family including betraying Frank when Malcom comes knocking for his attempted killer! With everything tracing back to Frank, Moira is able to pin it on him completely and wash her hands of it! I do like how the Dark Arrow shows up and pulls an Ollie. Such a strange parallel.

Laurel puts an end to the Sarah chase this week. I did like however that last week it seemed as if Laurel was 100% behind Dinah and that Detective Lance would be the hardest to bring over, but no! Laurel delivers a great line at the beginning of the episode about how she was sure her father would be the one to keep HER from believing. Laurel tracks down the girl who was “actually” in that picture and brings down everyone’s hopes.

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With the rumblings in the Glades and Ollie’s inevitable path to righteousness, and not to mention the new ‘conscious ‘ of the Arrow team, we will be seeing a swing towards a more human and on the straight and ARROW path.  No man is an island.



Next Week: Unfinished Business with The Count


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