Home Invasion

It’s been awhile Towelites since we last visited Starling City. Every week I eagerly waited and waited, AND waited. The wait was worth it, this week’s episode Home Invasion really delivered. A lot was going on in this episode and the flow of each story was really well played out. The overall story dealt with a case that Laurel was handling dealing with a family who was going to testify against one of Starling City’s scum bag rich guys. Of course these guys always end up with an arrow in them or pissing their pants, and you know you love it. Anywho, this guy hires a hit-man played by J. August Richards of Angel fame, who pulls of the perfect creep assassin. Tasked with killing the entire family, Mr. Blank kills the parents but the 10 year old or so son gets away. He tries again after Laurel takes temporary custodial duties, and attacks Laurel’s apartment, but have no fear the Hood is here! After these two failures, Mr. Blank becomes so obsessed that the boy saw his face, that even after killing the guy who hired him, he goes after the boy at the Queen Mansion where the boy is in protective hiding. With Tommy, Laurel, and the boy hiding upstairs Ollie is able to take down Mr. Blank and kill him violently with a fire poker.

Home Invasion

The other story taking place here is Diggle’s obsessive hunt for Deadshot. He is working with ARGUS to set a trap for him, and asks Ollie to intervene and kill Deadshot. Instead of being there for his friend, Ollie decides to hunt down the man who put out the hit on the family. He does catch him but the ultimately after four agents are put down by Deadshot and Diggle gets punched in the face,  he loses his partner. Diggle quits! Why? Apparently, and I agree, Ollie cares MOST about Laurel. He made a bad decision by not backing up his friend and partner, who was nearly killed, and now there is one less soldier in the Green Arrow camp.

Home Invasion

Oh did I mention that Tommy left Laurel as well?! Stating that he will never be the man for her, letting his jealousy of Ollie get in the way, he leaves Laurel after everything they had just been through, what an ass. My guess is that by the end of the season, which by the way is only three episodes away, Laurel and Ollie hook-up, The Hood kills the Dark Archer, and Tommy becomes Merlyn. Calling it, Meow. My question is when are we going to see Black Canary and when will Laurel become more of a badass? We’ve seen some glimpses of her being able to bring out her badself but she has played the damsel one too many times. I guess we’ll see.


Oh on the Island, Shado is trying to teach Ollie how to be a good archer so Slade will shut up and let Ollie provide some cover so that they can do some infiltration mission or another, but then Yao Fei betrays them to Fyres, what a jerk. Who knows what’s going to happen next, what doesn’t make sense is that they had all worked so hard to help them escape captivity just a few weeks ago, maybe the writers don’t talk to each other, I kid! On a minor note, as we watch Roy Harper begin his journey to become Red Arrow, Thea has pledged her support to help him find the Hood who Roy idolizes for saving his life. Another bet I’m making, Thea dies and Roy takes on the “Speedy” mantle. Some serious shake-ups to in all of the relationships this week, so lets see what happens as we dive head first into the final episodes.  Season finale is only a few weeks away, what the hell is going to happen!?!?!? He’s not getting off that island, I’ll tell you that much!

Home Invasion


The Undertaking

What will Ollie do now that Diggle is gone?!



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