Hey Towelites,sorry I missed last weeks Arrow post, but unfortunately it’s a bit difficult to get anything accomplished without power, kinda felt like Ollie on Purgatory Island! This week’s episode, titled An Innocent Man, went from one person finding out that Ollie is Green Arrow to almost the entire police force, well at least Detective Lance! Diggle struggles with the decision with joining Ollie’s cause, by the end he comes to terms with what he believes is right and that is helping others. We also got a look at John Barrowman’s character, who is definitely not Bruce Wayne as speculated earlier. More secrets are revealed about Ollie’s mother and her involvement with the sinking of the yacht, and that Robert’s list is known by others including Moira. Ollie decided that it would be a good idea to confront Laurel in person, as Arrow, and by the end of the episode it almost seemed as if she knew who he was, though calling him a killer (understandable that she still views him responsible for her sister’s death). So my question about this situation is will Ollie’s identity become public knowledge or will he find a way outta this one! Ollie also killed a bird on the island which lead to him being able to kill others….so there’s your innocent man parallel, I guess….. HEY!! PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY SMILING THIS WEEK!!! Arrow continues to balance its episodes with good storytelling once again this week.

Here’s our first look at Huntress played by Jessica de Gouw in the Geoff Johns penned episode Muse of Fire!

Check out this promo for tonight’s episode Damaged featuring Deathstroke!


A little of topic, but totally Green Arrow related and awesome, DC Comics has announced that Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Sweet Tooth) will begin his run on Green Arrow starting this February!!

Stay tooned 😛