The writers of Arrow are HUGE fans of parallel writing! This is very evident in this past week’s episode “Legacies”. Interestingly enough this episode touched on the one thing that “kinda” bothered me about the series, Ollie being a killer. Not that it really bothered me all that much, I am a big Punisher fan and I believe that corporal punishment is necessary sometimes. I just want to know that a hero is a hero sometimes, and that is an issue that Diggle brings forth to Ollie. Ollie’s main drive so far has been to right the wrongs of his father and bring those on the list to justice for their crimes against the people of Starling City. So creates the question, is Ollie merely an assassin, or is there something, OR should there be something more to his actions. A true moral dilemma, that Ollie soon sorts out of course. The “villains” of this episode is a family who has dealt with the pain of losing everything when Robert Queen outsourced all of his factory work to China. The family of four turns into Arrow’s version of the Royal Flush Gang and starts robbing banks, but then ACE kills a cop and it’s all downhill from there. Our parallel exists within a father’s choice and the sons that have to live with the consequences. I won’t spoil what happens for those who still haven’t watched, then again why would you be reading this? The Oliver that returned from Purgatory Island is a man who has to fix his father’s legacy, so that his family’s name can be redeemed. I did like the fact that Ollie gave KING a choice, not that he made the right one, and it cost him his life but at the expense that his son could live and not make the same future mistakes. On the other side of the mansion, Tommy keeps trying to get Laurel to like him, and other boring things…at least I think this is where Merlyn will come about as the villain when Laurel gets back together with Ollie…I hope. I need me some Black Canary.

Last week we reported that Count Vertigo would be making an appearance on Arrow, of course “the real world version”, this has been confirmed with the casting of Cillian Murphy…errr sorry Seth Gabel (Fringe) in the role! I love him on Fringe and I’m looking forward to how he portrays a villain who is being described as Ollie’s “deadliest adversary to date”!

THE HUNTRESS RIDES INTO STARLING CITY AND HEATS THINGS UP WITH OLIVER – Oliver (Stephen Amell) encounters a mysterious woman, Helena Bertinelli (guest star Jessica DeGouw), daughter of mob boss Frank Bertinelli (guest star Jeffrey Nordling), who he can finally be himself with, but he soon comes to realize she’s hiding dangerous secrets of her own. Helena is on her own personal mission of vengeance and Oliver is caught in the middle. Meanwhile, Tommy (Colin Donnell) is blindsided by an unfortunate turn of events and turns to Laurel (Katie Cassidy) for support. David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Susanna Thompson and Paul Blackthorne also star. David Grossman directed the episode with story by Andrew Kriesberg and teleplay by Geoff Johns & Marc Guggenheim.


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