This week in Starling City the romance between Ollie and Helena continued to bloom, Ollie was even close to convincing her that as Huntress her mission of vengeance could be one of justice. Alas through the seamlessly useless romance triangle between Ollie, Dinah (sorry Laurel), and Tommy and a weird double date, the budding love was destroyed….yet again driven by the false betrayal Helena went back to shooting gangster and starting an all out war between her father’s organization and the triad. Though better than last week, a weak episode, thankfully this arc is over as I think that Jessica De Gouw is a terrible actress, even though she kicks some ass, her overacting kind of ruined the show for the last two weeks. It was OK when Ollie gave her the crossbow and the costume, which was a nice nod at the comics (purple), but at the same time this homage to Huntress could not save the episode as a whole. The problem I had with these last two episodes was that I was really looking forward to them and how the introductions of Huntress could affect the future of this show, and now I kinda feel like I don’t want her to return too soon. It is also kinda discouraging in regards to the idea of tying in the Birds of Prey concept. The strengths of this show was the relationship between Ollie and Diggle, as you watch the their respect for each other grow, and also the new mystery that Walter and Felicity are digging into regarding Moira and the yacht.  I am looking forward to the mid-season finale, though I don’t know if this Dark Archer is truly Merlyn… we will see next week!


Arrow S1E9 Year’s End


In casting news the role of Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, has been cast, Manu Bennett (Spartacus) has earned the part. Now we have seen Deathstroke in action, but how will the role of Slade Wilson play out even though we saw the mask with an arrow through it on Purgatory Island?!

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