I will never watch that episode again. In what seems to be Arrow’s valentine episode, or in usual CW romance fashion, this week’s episode featured date nights, yeah! Both Oliver and Diggle find themselves in a bet to ask their crushes out. Because I would so rather watch that garbage instead of Ollie putting arrows into bad guys. I don’t want to explain it to you, if you choose to watch this episode, good luck. The key notes to it (Spoilage):

-Introduction of Roy Harper: I enjoyed this mostly. Thea’s obsession with soon to be true “Speedy” or Red Arrow, but def not Arsenal. We hope.

Moira Queen being a bad-ass and contracting Triad hit-lady China White to kill Malcom Merlyn, aka Dark Archer aka Merlyn.

James Callis makes a pretty good bad-ass. His character the Dodger, who by the way is a true DC villian check the jump! Is a cool enough villain, yet even Callis is unable to be a crutch for this episode. Too bad.

I’m pretty sure that this episode may have been one of the worst filler episodes I’ve come across in a long time. It reminded me of a 90’s TV show… The episode was written by Beth Schwartz, who also wrote 2 other episodes this season so we can’t totally blame her unless of course she wrote those Huntress ones. I may have to investigate that. Enjoy.


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