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If Geoff Johns left Green Lantern to write for Arrow on a regular basis I would fully support that. I mean come on Geoff what are you doing besides that wimpy water hero, and the dual JL titles!? Really, Dead to Rights was pretty solid. Delivering on the action, basically a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish. Great story, Malcolm Merlyn almost made a convincing nice guy, if he wasn’t such a dirtbag. Loves his son, though. <SPOILAGE AHEAD> The real story this episode is Olllie’s reveal to Tommy that he is the Vigilante, and helps to save his father’s life. What a game changer in the show! In just the past few weeks two more people know the identity of the Hood. This episode marked the return of Deadshot, played by Michael Rowe, as he is contracted out by China White and the Triad for their ordered hit on Merlyn, paid by Moira Queen. Group dyanmics are a hell of a thing! Families are about to go to war and I think that Ollie and Thea are looking at orphanhood soon. I think this episode helped to define Tommy a little more to the audience, the trust between two friends is proven in a strong fashion, I did not expect this one bit and it really threw me off when it happened. I have the feeling that we will be seeing a public outing of Ollie as the Hood, and hopefully called the Green Arrow or Arrow at some point. On the island Slade and Oliver’s friend ship is growing and they are bonding, how sweet. Well they got a radio working and can monitor the mercs’ camp. Looking forward to watching Slade and Oliver take on a militia this season as Oliver develops his skills as a killing machine. I am getting very excited for the end of the season!


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Uh-oh our favorite female vigilante and Ollie’s CRAZY ex-girlfriend The Huntress, played by Jessica De Gouw, returns to stir up the pot! Next week brings: ‘The Huntress Returns

 “The Huntress Returns

With his nightclub set to open and a new romance brewing with McKenna (guest star Janina Gavankar), Oliver (Stephen Amell) is as happy as he’s been since returning to Starling City. But when Oliver’s ex, The Huntress (guest star Jessica De Gouw), suddenly returns to town, she threatens to destroy everything and everyone he cares about. Meanwhile, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and her father (Paul Blackthorne) struggle with the return of Dinah Lance (guest star Alex Kingston) who claims she has proof Sara is still alive. Thea (Willa Holland) gets Roy Harper (guest star Colton Haynes) a job at Oliver’s club, but he’s not too inclined to stop his life of crime. Oliver and Tommy (Colin Donnell) are thrilled they were able to get Steve Aoki to play at the opening of their new nightclub, Verdant. David Ramsey and Susanna Thompson also star. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Jake Coburn & Lana Cho.


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