What I really like about Arrow compared to most other shows that I have watched is its ability to deliver a solid episode most weeks. I always feel really satisfied when I get done watching the current weeks episode, and “Tremors” is the perfect example of this. This week the Arrow begins his training of Roy Harper to help him control the onslaught of the effects of the Mirakuru. Arrow has a hard time getting across to the kid, mostly because he keeps so many secrets from him. Finally he agrees to let Roy come along on a mission with him, but soon realizes that this is a big mistake.

arrow tremors 01You see, Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) makes his return this week, and is still as badass as he was at when he first showed up in Starling City. This time around he is sprung from jail, in a very interesting manner I must say, in order to steal the earthquake machine prototype from Malcom Merlyn’s mansion. During the initial heist things go terribly wrong when Roy almost ends up killing another guy and Bronze Tiger ends up getting away with the prototype. Good job Roy!

ARROWOn the Island this week, Ollie and Sarah continue their search for Slade. Again the Island serves as the “everything Oliver learned in life, he learned on the Island” example as he takes Sarah’s advice that love is the strongest emotion and that maybe by using that to get through to Slade via his feelings towards Shado, they may be able to break the madness of the Mirakuru, a little bit at least. They realize that Slade is going to use the rocket launchers that Fyres had from season 1 so they go to stop him and plead to him that they need that boat to escape the Island.

arrow tremors deathstoke 01This week Walter Steele also re-enters the picture with a surprising offer to Moira. It is believed that if Sebastian Blood wins the position of Mayor he will bankrupt the city. So they propose to her that she should ruin against him. After some debate and some reassurance from Thea, Moira decides that she will do it. Even though she was involved in the “Undertaking” with Merlyn, it is apparently strongly believed that she did it to protect her children, and this has been proven by Walter when he did an actual poll. So it looks like Blood will have some competition and we will have a brand new plot point this season, that may lead to some unfortunate events I’m sure.

arrow tremors 04So how does Arrow get through to Roy? How does he teach him to control his rage? He reveals his identity! I knew that this would be the case, and it makes a lot of sense stemming from the “do it for love” Island teaching. In order to stop the machine from going off, they have to blow up the machine and the only way to do so is to punch through a military grade casing and only Roy can do that. Roy is shocked by the reveal and realizes everything that the Arrow has done for him in the past was for him more or less, like when he saved him from the psycho on the train. This is a great moment of the show, and though there are now too many people who know his identity, I think that it was a necessary reveal. Oliver takes Roy to meet “Team Arrow” and that is that. I look forward to Roy wearing more than his hoodie.

Suicide squadJust like she did with Deadshot, Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) returns this week and visits Bronze Tiger in jail to “invite” him to join Suicide Squad. Two down, who’s next? I am really looking forward to the premiere of this notorious team. Oh almost forgot to mention, Laurel is going to get disbarred, she is a wreck, so Oliver calls Sarah in. At the end of the episode, Laurel is piss drunk and almost passed out on the floor of her apartment when she looks up and sees what she believes to be her dead sister, I can’t wait to see how this one plays out!

Arrow S2E13 “Heir to the Demon

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