Team Arrow  in for some trouble when the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul comes to town! Tonight also stepped away from the regular flashbacks to the island, but instead we get to see a Laurel family reunion in the past and present. At the end of the last episode we see Laurel get very drunk and when she gets home she passes out, but right before she loses consciousness she sees her sister Sara. Now Laurel writes it off as a hallucination,  but we all know better that Oliver called Sara to come and see Laurel in her time of need.

ARROWThe show opens up as Nyssa Al Ghul is entering customs, when an A.R.G.U.S. alert goes off and the airport security tries to stop her. She kicks the crap out of everyone there, yet it kind of felt like there wasn’t a whole lot of officers there. Nyssa has come to Starling City to bring Sara back to the League of Assassins. Upon visiting Laurel in the hospital, Oliver realizes that there is something odd about the way Laurel’s eye turns green, and it ends up that she was actually poisoned with snack venom that night she was getting wasted at the club. Things are starting to look a little fishy here. Nyssa confronts Sara and we realize that there is a whole lot more going on with them than Nyssa just calling her back to duty. We see that Sara had actually developed a romantic relationship with Nyssa while she was training with the League! This reveal is a nice twist to everything and I really like that they used this to explain Nyssa’s actions and make it more of an emotional connection between the two. It added more depth to Nyssa’s reasons for being the one who came to retrieve Sara.

jpegAfter Sara tells Nyssa that she is not returning with her Nyssa is hurt and decides to take it out on the ones Sara loves most, her family. After a little research Diggle tells the team that Laurel has definitely been poisoned with snake venom and that Nyssa had set this into motion to draw Sara back to Starling City. The next step of the plan is to kidnap Dinah, her mother, who still has no idea that Sara is alive. Sara decides that she has only one choice to save her family and that is to kill herself, she takes the snake venom and ingests it. Upon confronting Nyssa the effects have already started, Nyssa is greatly upset by all of this but she still lets Dinah go and Detective Lance gets her to safety. Sara almost dies, but the Arrow gets to her in time with an anti-venom and saves her. I wasn’t sure if they were going to let Sara die, but with the upcoming Birds of Prey arc I had my doubts, but she lives and all is well and dandy, well almost. Nyssa ends up releasing Sara from her duty to the League and she leaves, but I’m sure that this isn’t the last we will see from her this season. So Sara can go and see her family and be happy right? Nope. Laurel is not too happy about all of this and she blames Sara for everything bad that has happened since the day she decided to get on that boat with Oliver. In a rather emotional scene, and in my opinion deserved, Laurel screams at Sara and tells her that she never wants to see her again and kicks her out of her apartment. Looks like we have some family counseling ahead of us on the show.

Arrow Heir to the Demon 02In other story lines this week, Moira’s campaign officially starts. Felicity, who has discovered the truth behind Thea’s father confronts Moira. Moira basically threatens Felicity about the consequences if she tells Oliver the truth, which of course Felicity doesn’t listen to. She actually tells him right before he introduces Moira as their new candidate for Mayor, but he doesn’t say anything even though he looks clearly upset by the whole thing. At the end of the episode Oliver tells Moira that their relationship on a personal level is through, and that he will keep up his appearances and pretend to support her but he no longer trusts her. This week’s turn of events is sudden, though we did know the truth as an audience it really seemed like the show’s writers want us to start looking at Moira as a villain, especially after she threatens Felicity. We will have to see what happens from here. Speaking of threats, Sebastian Blood threatens Moira about running she of course can handle herself with this upstart, but behind the scenes we learn that Slade has his own plans on dealing with this new candidate. As we approach the back 9 of the season it looks like the race for mayor will be a major story line with I’m sure tragic results!

Arrow S2E14 “Time of Death

[box_light]ROBERT KNEPPER AND ALEX KINGSTON GUEST STAR — Oliver (Stephen Amell) brings Sara (Caity Lotz) into the Arrow team. Watching Oliver and Diggle (David Ramsey) spar with Sara and talk old scars, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) starts to feel left out. The team is investigating a villain named William Tockman, a.k.a. The Clock King (guest star Robert Knepper), who is a brilliant thief armed with technology that can open any bank vault in Starling City. After The Clock King infiltrates the computer systems in the lair, Felicity feels pressure to prove her worth. When she gets a lead on Tockman’s whereabouts, she heads out without the team, putting her in peril. Meanwhile, Oliver throws Sara a welcome home party, but Laurel (Katie Cassidy) refuses to attend. After Lance (Paul Blackthrone) makes his case for a family dinner, Laurel acquiesces, but when Oliver shows up with Sara, she loses her temper on both of them. Nick Copus directed the episode written by Wendy Mericle & Beth Schwartz.[/box_light]

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